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Druzy Jewelry, unique creation by Bejewel

Aquarela activity focuses on a particular stone called Druzy (or Druse), which comes directly from Brazil mines used in Druzy Jewelry. We are dealing with sets of tiny crystals of minerals. The seepage of water inside the stones originate them following movement of these stones during the centuries.

First, when miners carry rocks on the surface and open them, that’s the moment of real treasure. Druzy gems shows their beauty with various colors and different grain emanating a light that leave breathless.
Following that, the particular structure of the stones makes every single druzy unique. It is impossible to find a druzy exactly same as another one. A druzy jewel is like your fingerprint: individual and your personal. Thus, your druzy jewel will be part of your personality and accompany you in your daily life and special occasions. Furthermore, that’s where beauty and authenticity hides.

Finally, we can cut druzy stones in every size, shape and dimension, creating completely customization and inimitable products. What is even more specific is the processing technique of the stones, which take advantage at the precious metals’ properties. Stone catches the light, and when you have your druzy jewelry on, it creates lighting effects and unique shimmer.


Aquarela has 7 collections, each different for theme, colors and shape. It’s our aim to offer you products with different prices, starting from 49 USD shipment included. Browse our collections now!

Druzy stones from Brazil

Brazil is a Country of extraordinary beauty, from the crazy passion for carnival to the immensity of Amazon.
Aquarela Druzy Jewelry arises from the Company’s wish to make a different reality known, new products which combine well with the traditional jewelry.
The project comes from the love toward this unique Country united to the passion for jewelry and gemstones. Hence comes our trademark, that drives us constantly to look for new matching between tradition and innovation. Natural stones and precious metals mixed to create innovative, up-to-date, high quality jewelry.
Druzy Jewelry from Aquarela: a charming collections, made out of creative design and worldwide trends.


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