Your jewelry factory

Welcome to your Jewelry Factory!

We are proud to have you as our guest in our Jewelry Factory. Give us 2 minutes of your time and we’ll definitely introduce you to all the phases of manufacturing your design jewel.
After our designer approve a new jewelry line, next step is the modelling. You can see the phases in our section dedicated to jewelry designer.
Your jewelry process takes few hours to be ready, thanks to our experienced staff of around 80 people.
The concept and management comes from Italy. Factory owner, Sarin, had her studies and first working experience in Italy, where she met her husband, Nico. They worked together in their Italian factory until 2006. Then moved back to Bangkok, where they joined Sarin’s family business, a Jewelry factory operating since 1980.
From there, the project Donati Gioielli started, and in mid 2016 turned into a web store.
At first, we reorganized our collections in order to give you the best design jewelry at the cheapest price. As a matter of fact you pay a factory price and you have the product in your hands in few days and in full security.
Increasingly important, our “money back guarantee” policy makes you sure to avoid any headache with your order. Last, we generated a safe website where you can shop out in full tranquility, with our assistance if needed.
From this point, start your visit to our factory: start being confident with us and our brand, just follow you feeling and browse.
You may be looking for a birthday gift, an engagement ring, or even diamond jewelry: after all you are in the right place.
Finally, enter our shop and buy now! we ship out in 24 hours and pay shipping cost!


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