Jewelry Designers

Meet our team of Jewelry Designers.

We are an international, multiethnical group of professional Jewelry Designers, Producers and Marketers.

We have deep knowledge of our markets and huge experience. As a matter of fact you can exploit us to get the best product at the best price on the market. Just try us.

What’s more, you can contact each of us for every single aspect of your purchase. If you want Bejewel to produce a line of jewelry exclusively for you, if you want special design, f you’re searching new supplier for your shop… Thus, feel free to contact us now!

Diego Jewelry Store

Diego Sala
Sales & Marketing

DIego comes from huge and different experiences in marketing and communication. He is one of the foundators of Bejewel Store and he supports jewelry designers and jewelry makers in web marketing.

Diego lives in the Countryside near Bangkok, in a quiet and traditional village. He loves travels and international food. Diego speakes Italian, English, Spanish, French and hardly learning Thai…

Sarin Jewelry Mastermind

Sarintorn Ananmana

Sarin is a Jewelry Designer. She sudied at the jewelry school in Valenza, Italy. Sarin is the mastermind of the group, controlling the full cycle of production and sales. She cares of administration and she is your warranty that you will receive your jewel in perfect conditions. Sarin lives in Bangkok, her city of origin. She loves holidays on island beaches. Sarin speaks Thai, Italian, English, Chinese.


Matteo Fortin Jewelry Creator

Matteo Fortin

Matteo comes from a pluriennal experience as gemmologist and marketer. He knows market trends and how to meet people taste. He’s in charge of product characterization and innovation. We can say that Aquarela was his idea. He lives in Hongk Kong, New Territories, and directly follows our clients in HK and China. Matteo is a good golf player and knows Italian, English and Chinese.


Jewelry Manufacturer

Nicolo' Donati

Do you like our quality? Well, it’s Nicolo’ care! He is the one who makes your jewels. He coordinates Bejewel manufacture staff and control all processing steps. Nicolo’ comes from Italian school of jewellers in Valenza, where he worked 15 years before moving to Thailand. He lives now in Bangkok. He’s an expert italian chef, and speaks Italian and English.



Hoseok Druzy Jewelry Korea

Hoseok Kang
Thai and Korea Market

Hoseok has 20 years experience in asian jewelry market. He is in charge of Thailand and Korea clients. Hoseok gives is contribution to the team by suggesting variables and designs suitable for his clients. He lives in central Bangkok since 15 years, and he loves the city, that he considers his second home. He likes action movies and speaks Korean, Thai, English.


Elizabete Suarez Jewelry Philippines

Elizabete Suarez
Customer Care - Philippines

Elizabete is a jewelry designer. She’s young and a very dynamic person. Her task in Bejewel is to take care of wedding and engagement rings, with a special care on Philippines market. She lives in Manila, and frequently comes to Bangkok to support us with new lines. She is a very sporty girl and likes Sailing and swimming. Elizabete speaks Tagalog, Portuguese, English, Bahasa Indonesia.


Felipe Rodriguez Druzy Stones

Felipe Rodriguez

Felipe is our trump card: he’s Brazilian origin, despite he was born in Chile. He is an expert of gems and precious stones, and garantee our material is the best in the market. Felipe also support our south american clients. He lives in Minas-Gerais, where his wife manage a restaurant chain. He’s a deep expert of wines and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English.


Milk bejewel team

Brand Ambassador

Milk is a model in Bangkok. She joined our project and gives us the charme and the beauty that match with our product. We like to think she is the “next door girl”, very simple and traditional. Milk lives in Bangkok and her web page on Siam Development shows some of her shootings. She loves thai food, sushi and action movies. She speaks Thai and English




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