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A special collection of engagement rings in silver and steel. Designed by Elizabete Suarez, our Philippines marketing manager. Prices from 159 USD, shipment and insurance included!



Monte Engagement Rings Collection derives from the Wedding rings collection by Elizabete Suarez, store manager for Philippines. It’s a replica of gold wedding collection made by SILVER and STEEL, that makes this product perfect for young couples willing to have a symbol of engagement. We suggest young couples looking for cheap engagement rings to consider this collection, as they can have a fancy and modern pair of rings at the price of a dinner!. We ship directly to all countries for free, with full insurance and return & refund policy.

We help young couples to find the perfect engagement rings that are definitive symbols of their commitment to love and cherish each other all life.

Monte rings are exclusive models: you will not find any similar in other stores, as we are manufacturers. You will receive your wedding rings directly from the factory, after a detailed quality control.

In order to support you to save time in finding cheap engagement rings, we give you the opportunity to order directly  your rings: this means you will receive your engagement rings in few days by courier, directly at your door. What’s more, we pay for shipping cost!

You can also book the deliver for a specific date, in order to pay and receive your engagement rings few days before the date.

Sizes are normally 58 for man and 52 for woman, but you can ask whatever size when PRE-ORDER your rings.

Our collection Monte Engagement Rings is made by silver 925 and black steel, with one year garantee. Some of our top-range models have a diamond casted.

The packaging is included in the cost, just like shipment. We offer you the “return & refund” policy: you can ship back your wedding rings up to 8 days after you received them.

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Monte Engagement Rings
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